The Associated Clubs for Roadside Development – an outgrowth of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania – is founded by a group of Pennsylvanians to fight roadside litter and control billboards to protect Pennsylvania’s scenic beauty. 
The name of the organization is changed to the Pennsylvania Roadside Council (PRC).

PRC establishes “scenic highway designations” in Pennsylvania and expands public interest in scenic beautification.

PRC introduces the Litterbug character and phrase “Don’t Be A Litterbug” in 1952. 

Keep America Beautiful is founded as a nationwide effort to bring attention to the problems caused by litter.    

PRC collaborates in the passage of HB 560, Pennsylvania’s first billboard control legislation.

PRC works with Lady Bird Johnson to secure passage of the 1965 Beautification Act that calls for billboard removal in scenic areas on interstates.

PRC participates in the 1965 White House Conference on Scenic Beauty.
First Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, 1970.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is established.

PRC launches the “Take the Pledge Not to Litter” campaign; Governor Dick Thornburgh became the first Pennsylvanian to “Take the Pledge.”

Pennsylvania Roadside Council becomes Pennsylvania Resources Council to reflect its expansion in mission from scenic beauty issues to resource issues including recycling and environmental shopping.

Governor Bob Casey signs into law Act 101 that establishes mandatory curbside recycling.

The Coalition for Scenic Beauty – which later becomes Scenic America – is founded and becomes the national organization most effective in controlling the blight of unsightly and illegal advertising.

PRC creates its statewide litter photo contest “Lens on Litter” to bring attention to litter blight issues and illegal litter dumping throughout Pennsylvania.

PRC moves its headquarters to Clonmel Farm in Ridley Creek State Park in eastern Pennsylvania and begins to develop it as the Environmental Living Demonstration Center in 1994. 

PRC merges with the Group for Recycling in Pittsburgh (GRIP) to establish its western regional office and becomes a leader on recycling and solid waste management in that region.

PRC is instrumental in securing the designation of I-476 (Blue Route) as a scenic highway, preventing the erection of billboards.

PRC along with three other nonprofit organizations, GRIP, GASP and CCI launch the Green Building Alliance in Pittsburgh. Construction Junction is also launched as the region’s first nonprofit retail operation for resale of surplus and used building materials.  

PRC launches collection events for hard-to-recycle material and e-waste statewide.  PRC administers task force to oversee collection of household chemicals in western Pennsylvania.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful – a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful – is formed.

PRC helps to draft legislation to create the Clean Pittsburgh Commission to address environmental quality of life issues within the City of Pittsburgh. 

PRC’s Environmental Living and Demonstration Center showcases new green technologies including: asphalt driveway made from recycled tires, roofs made from recycled aluminum and plastics and a 5 Kw passive solar energy system. 

PRC helps incubate and launch the DVGBC (Delaware Valley Green Building Council) in the greater Philadelphia marketplace. Today, the DVFBC is the leading green building LEED certifying organization in the area.

PRC developed innovative environmental school classroom education programs in-line with the Pennsylvania Department of Education Science Program requirements.  This program is funded by the newly created EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) that creates incentives for investment in environmental education statewide.  

PRC launches tailgate recycling program for Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers and National Hockey League Winter Classic games. In 2014 PRC received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for this project.

PRC creates Scenic Pittsburgh, a non-profit to address visual blight, billboards and other outdoor advertising to preserve and protect scenic beauty in the region.  PRC also coordinated & launched a similar program in the eastern portion of the state called ‘Preserve our Pennsylvania Towns’ (POPT).

PRC creates electronic recycling partnerships in support of the Covered Device Recycling Act of Pennsylvania.

PRC East launches a farmers market in 2011 and changed the name to ‘PRC Newtown Square Farmers Market’ when it partnered with Mastardi’s Nursery in 2012.

PRC partners with leading Philadelphia area energy companies to promote in-home energy conservation programs.

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