what: WasteCap is a no-nonsense program that helps businesses minimize waste and reduce operating costs by providing them with a wide-ranging assortment of straightforward and cost-effective strategies.

who: Outreach Specialists from the Pennsylvania Resources Council will work with you to develop and implement voluntary recycling, buy recycled, reuse and reduction programs.

For more information on Waste Assessments and how to have one completed for your business or institution click here.

why: You have the opportunity to trim operating costs, conserve natural resources, and bolster your image in the community by demonstrating your concern for the environment.

how: Services include confidential on-site waste assessments, presentations regarding recycling and waste reduction in the workplace, access to print and online reference materials, phone support, a soon to be launched e-newsletter, for fee in-depth consultations, and referrals to local recyclers, reuse facilities and vendors.

Actual and Projected U.S. Recycling Statistics (rollover graphs for numerical data)

130 million cubic yards of material 408 trillion BTUs
195 million cubic yards of material 605 trillion BTUs
$3.6 billion 33 million tons of carbon
$5.2 billion 48 million tons of carbon

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For detailed information on WasteCap:
Contact the Pennsylvania Resources Council at 412.488.7452
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