Don't be a Litterbug!
Show your support for statewide litter prevention programs.

Order a PRC Litterbug license plate today

Give gift certificates to PRC West’s community workshops! Each certificate is good for admission to one of PRC’s workshops**. Choose from Backyard Composting, Vermi-composting (with worms!), Rain Barrels & Watershed Awareness, and Healthy Body, Healthy Home, Healthy Planet. 

Call 412-488-7490 ext. 246 for details.

Litterbug Bobblehead Doll - $20 each (includes s&h).

Only 1,000 of these Limited Edition Litterbug Bobblehead dolls were made by special commission of PRC in honor of the Litterbug's 50th birthday.

In 1952, PRC created the Litterbug character and coined the phrase "Don't Be A Litterbug."  To this day, the Litterbug icon is an internationally recongized symbol.  The Litterbug is a registered service mark.

All proceeds go to help fight litter.

To order a Litterbug Bobblehead Doll call (412) 488-7490 ext.246.

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