Become an Environmental Shopper

1.   When you shop, use the 5 R's

     •  Reduce

     •  Reuse

     •  Recycle

     •  Reject



2.  Recycle/Buy Recycled

•  Learn what to recycle

•  Help Close the Recycling Loop

•  Find out where to buy products made from recycled materials


3. Healthy Alternatives

•  Choose nontoxic alternatives for cleaning and gardening


4. Energy Conservation

Save money by learning about:

•  Energy and Efficiency

•  Rating Energy Star

•  Choosing the right lighting


5. Visit PRC's Environmental Living Center
Learn About:

•  Organic Gardening

•  Worms and on-site composting

•  Carpet made from recycled soda bottles

•  Our "slate" roof made from recycled plastic and tires

•  Lumber made from plastic and wood shavings

•  Water and energy conservation in action

•  Surfing the web for environmental information





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