Enriching Science Education

PRC’s programs introduce participants to regional and global environmental issues and offer unique solutions easily addressed by students. Programs can be scheduled at a school or as a field trip to PRC’s facility in Ridley Creek State Park (Delaware County). All of PRC’s programs align with PA Department of Education standards and are a valuable resource for meeting “Environment and Ecology” and “Science and Technology” standards.

Watershed Awareness for Grades 3+.
Students discover the importance of water and learn how to reduce the impact of pollutants on our waterways during this hands-on investigation of movement through a watershed.  Student will get to use an EnviroScape model during this activity.

Wood, Water and Worms, Grades 3+.
Students become scientists during this introduction to the ecology of the Eastern Deciduous Forest.  Students discover our local natural resources while hiking, taking observations, and conducting water testing of an onsite stream, pond or lake.  Program can be conducted at school site if there is access to a local stream, creek, pond or lake.  Otherwise, the program is presented at PRC’s site.

Wild About Birds, Grades 2+.
Students will test their wings comfortably as they are introduced to the world of birds with an inviting blend of discovery, adventure and fun.  Students learn what makes a bird a bird and more as they discover the birds of Pennsylvania.  Please note, this program does not involve bringing live birds into the classroom, only the outdoor observation of local birds.

Natural Resources, Grades 3+.
Students learn about the planet’s renewable and non-renewable resources while participating in activities that promote conservation and sustainable use. 

Greener Lifestyle, Grades 5+.
Many products commonly found in homes can harm the environment. Students will learn to protect our natural resources as they discover eco-friendly lifestyle choices for their school and home.

Alternative Energy, Grades 4+.
Learn the process of creating electricity and discover how alternative energy is harvested as students identify ways to utilize renewable energy for the betterment of the environment. 

Litter and Recycling, Grades K+.
Learn the ins and outs of recycling as students gain the skills to reduce litter and help the environment.

Currently, some of PRC’s school programs are free, with fees covered by grant funds. Programs are conducted for individual classes or as small assemblies. Please call for further information.

For further information or to schedule a program, please contact
Diana Andrejczak at 610-353-1555 x232.

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